I know we’re nearly half way through January but Happy New Year everyone!

Bow Occasions LogoFor those of you that have visited before, you may notice that things look a little different round here. Bow Occasions has had a makeover. We have a gorgeous new logo designed by the lovely Taylor of Letters of Grace Calligraphy and a shiny new website designed by me using the wonder that is ProPhoto.

Website Homepage

This redesign has been in the works for a few months now and I have been working away on it in between working on my couples weddings. It was due to go live last Monday but my little boy was poorly over Christmas so I didn’t get much time put the final touches to the site. You will still notice that there will be some small changes to the site as I tweak it further but I really hope you like the new look. Whilst I loved my old website, it just wasn’t me anymore. I wanted something fresh, modern and chic but still with a touch of colour.

I’ll be back later this week with some more posts for you all. Happy Monday.

Louise x

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I still can’t believe that I’ve been a mummy for seven months now. In some ways it feels like only yesterday that Dominic was born and in others it feels as though he has always been here. With seven months working mummy experience under my belt, I wanted to share with you today how I juggle being a mum and running my own business.


I won’t pretend to have all the answers as every parent (and every child) is different but this is what has worked for me.

Make the most of nap times – I have my laptop turned on and ready to go so that as soon as Dominic goes down for a nap, I can go into my office and get straight to work. I will admit that I don’t use this time to work on any big projects that require my attention for more than an hour as there is every chance that if I did Dominic would decide to only have a 20 minute nap. I use this time to reply to emails, check social media, plan blog posts or source suppliers for my couples.

Work after baby’s bedtime – We are lucky in that Dominic has pretty much always been a great sleeper and now sleeps through from 7 to 7 every night (I bet I’ve jinxed that now). This means that once he has gone to bed, my husband, Dean, and I will have dinner and then I will head up to my office for a few hours. It is during this time that I get big projects done such as design proposals or business planning. In order to feel less guilty about not seeing my husband as much as I would like, unless I have a wedding or a client meeting that can’t be made for any other time, I won’t work on Saturday or Sunday evenings. This then becomes our time to stay in and watch X-factor or go out for dinner with friends.

Utilise childcare where you can – We don’t currently put Dominic into a nursery however I am lucky to have my mum nearby who is happy to look after Dominic when I have a client meeting or need to spend a solid 6 hours getting some work done. This does mean that I need to plan ahead and factor in an extra person when booking meetings however this is a necessary factor to make it work. We have looked at nursery’s and put our name down for Dominic to start one or two days a week come February.

Set at least one day a week for the two (or more) of you - Our day is Friday. On Friday’s Dominic and I spend the whole day together without any work interuptions. We go to baby group and then we meet our NCT friends for lunch and a catch-up.

Download productivity apps – I try not to use my phone too much when I’m around Dominic however my iPhone is my definite saviour when it comes to running my business. I check and reply to emails, make notes of any ideas on the Evernote app, draft out blog posts using the WordPress app and pin styling ideas for my clients with the Pinterest app.

Do not procrastinate – It’s so easy to lose hours on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest however these are complete time suckers and before you know it you will have wasted valuable time that could be spent with your family or working.

Prioritise what’s important – I have to wear so many hats; mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend and business owner so I prioritise whats important and what’s not. What usually slips? The housework. As much as I would like to say that I clean my house every day, the reality is I don’t and that’s okay because my family and my work are my priority.

Oh and lastly, invest in a Jumperoo… No really, this amazing, bulky piece of plastic is a life saver. Dominic would happily bounce in it for hours if I let him (I don’t).

It really is amazing how much you can get done in a short space of time and if I add up the hours I work during an average day, it is usually about five or six hours which whilst isn’t ideal, is definitely enough time to run a successful business.

And when did I write the bulk of this post? Just now whilst Dominic played happily with his toys and bounced in his Jumperoo.

Let me know if this post has helped you or what you do to juggle being a mum with running a successful business. It would be great to hear from you.

Louise xo

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It’s always lovely seeing the weddings I have worked on featured on wedding blogs and magazines so I was delighted to see Dana and Oliver’s wedding video by the talented Wedding Film Studio featured on Style Me Pretty. Pop on over to Style Me Pretty to read more from Dana and to see more photos from their wedding, you can read my blog post from earlier this year.

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Dominic is 12 weeks old now… I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. It seems only a week ago that we were bringing this tiny baby home from hospital and now he is wearing 3 – 6 month clothing, chatting and smiling constantly and discovering new parts of the world every day. The latest is his hands… he loves his hands.




I had always planned to return to work when Dominic was 3 months old and that time has come! I have been working on and off since Dominic was about 2 weeks old, replying to enquiries, dealing with press requests etc… However now he is a little bigger and even though he sleeps less, he is more than happy laying on his play mat or sitting in his bouncer next to me in the office playing with his toys and chatting away to himself whilst I work. I am so lucky that I am able to work from home whilst doing what I love and looking after my son. I won’t be working every day from 9 – 5 as we have baby groups to go to and cuddle and playtime to be had however I will be logging on a lot more during the day and also catching up in the evenings when he is in bed. Luckily wedding planning is flexible in that a lot of couples work Monday – Friday during the day so scheduling meetings, telephone calls and Skype conversations for after 6.30pm is perfect.




I still have some availability left for weddings this year so do get in touch, if you are looking for a Wedding Day Coordinator or Wedding Stylist to help with your big day.

Louise x

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